When Women Speak - Stories Worth Telling

Blossoming Into Your Aligned HellYes Life with guest Joy Perreras

February 02, 2021 When Women Speak
When Women Speak - Stories Worth Telling
Blossoming Into Your Aligned HellYes Life with guest Joy Perreras
Show Notes

I am joined in this conversation by Personal Freedom Guide Joy Perreras. As a Certified Spiritual Coach, Joy guides women through her one-on-one coaching, workshops, and
retreats, undressing their hearts, releasing stuck emotions, allowing more joy in, learning the art of letting go, and rediscovering their deepest soul's expression.
Joy’s beautiful vision is for soul-led 'seasoned' women to reclaim the true nature of their divine power... so they embody deep liberation and become the elixir of love and truth for humanity. Living their Aligned HellYES Life!

Joy clearly lives and breathes the work she does and you'll get to hear how she shows up in the world in this conversation and how she encourages and supports other women to do the same.

Watch on YouTube here - https://youtu.be/BCoXorUdPDw

Links to Joy:
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/joy.perreras/

Private FB Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/blossominsideout

Aligned HellYES Movement School:  https://bio.teachable.com/ (from Free to paid courses)

As a side note:
Joy touches on a sensitive topic of infertility and how at the time this experience left her feeling broken as a woman and not good enough. For anyone listening that feels the way Joy once did I asked Joy after the Podcast recording what helped her see things differently and realise that infertility did not make her less of a woman.

What helped Joy was the realisation of what was real and what was a narrative creating stories about who she is, who others are and what her circumstances mean.

The unhelpful thought loop Joy got into about what her body couldn't do and what that meant about her and her life compounded the situation, and none of the stories about herself were true. AND of course none of this could have happened any other way. We are only ever behaving based on our understanding in that moment so please be gentle with yourself.

Here are some suggestions if you resonate with what Joy experienced. Start being more in your body and really honouring the body, this is your vehicle to me intimately connected to throughout your life here on Earth. Nourish it, listen to it, take care of it and empower yourself to be responsible for your body and your health. Know what it needs, and what doesn’t support it to function well. A lot of suffering comes from wanting what's happening to be different and buying into stories about what's happening rather than facing what's real and taking the action that makes sense to take. 

Cultural conditioning like you should have a baby or you should be thinner or you should have short hair or long hair and so on all adds to us believing life should look and be a certain way and we should be a certain way too. Let’s support each other to know all of us is welcome. 

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