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Making the Uncomfortable Comfortable - Asking Powerful Questions with guest Marissa Loewen

January 07, 2021 When Women Speak
When Women Speak - Stories Worth Telling
Making the Uncomfortable Comfortable - Asking Powerful Questions with guest Marissa Loewen
Show Notes

In this episode guest Marissa Loewen shares how her curious nature and being unafraid to ask challenging questions is met with different responses - from gratitude to being blocked on social media. Marissa has the ability to make the uncomfortable comfortable if you are willing to question your ideas and beliefs and the way you think things should be done.

I knew Marissa would have plenty to say and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to what was shared and all the thought provoking questions that arose. Plenty to reflect on and consider for the year ahead and how you want to show up and be with yourself and others.

You will hear many questions put forward during the episode such as:

·      Where could you have more joy in your life?

·      How can I be more intentional?

·      How can I bring more ease into my life?

·      How does what I do impact?

Other questions to consider for society and social change also came up such as:

·      Why are we maintaining systems that hurt people?

·      How do we make this great for everybody?

·      How do we get to a basic minimum for everyone?

·      How do we help billionaires distribute their wealth (if they want to)?

·      What power structures are being maintained in philanthropy as it is?

·      Why can’t we take an idea and make it better?


Marissa is a Transformational Business Coach, Community Catalyst and Creative Entrepreneur. Marissa's first foray into owning a business began at age 11, when Marissa wanted to sell cold milk and chocolate milk to classmates at lunchtime. With permission from Marissa's grade school, a janitor's closet was turned into a thriving food service business. With a corporate background in media, marketing, communications, online sales and web design, Marissa created one of the first pop up companies in North American focusing on made-local and art sold in temporary retail shops, art galleries and large scale events, partnering with Etsy Canada. 

Marissa works with small business owners to create the rules in order to create thriving, resilient, prosperous businesses that fuel the business owner. In addition to a signature system for creating profit and ease in businesses, personal coaching and an online digital profit planner, Marissa also is launching her first podcast called The Little Podcast of Big Questions. 

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