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Did I Choose My Trauma? Transmuting Pain to Power with guest Yemi Penn

October 30, 2020 When Women Speak
When Women Speak - Stories Worth Telling
Did I Choose My Trauma? Transmuting Pain to Power with guest Yemi Penn
Show Notes

Did I Choose My Trauma?

A provocative question and title of a new self funded documentary short by today’s guest Yemi Penn. In this episode we hear about the project and the next steps for it to become a full length documentary and even a TV series exploring different aspects of trauma and our relationship to it. Yemi also shares how recent events involving Black Lives Matter and the collective willingness to have difficult conversations has inspired her.

Yemi is a British born Nigerian living in Sydney, Australia. An Engineer by profession, an entrepreneur by passion, and mindset transformation coach by mission.

The life she currently leads was not planned, nor did Yemi even imagine it was possible, having spent a big part of her childhood in Nigeria and being homeless some 13years ago. As a single parent to two children, she almost inherited the story that suggested life needed to be a struggle. Yemi describes herself as self-made, not just because of business success, which is unexpected for a solo parent to two kids, but because the legacy she’s intent on leaving goes well beyond imparting business tools but tools of self-empowerment, growth and contribution.

Yemi currently runs four successful businesses; an engineering consultancy based in Sydney, an F45 Fitness Studio in Brixton, London, a Transformation business under the name Yemi Penn and her latest ‘baby’, Golden Thread Café in Sydney. 

Through her Management Consultancy in Sydney, Australia Yemi provides leadership and strategic direction to a range of clients and industries including: Sydney Metro, Transport for New South Wales, University of Technology Sydney, UNSW and F45 Training.

People often wonder how Yemi manages to run four businesses and parent, the short answer she says is “I practice being in the NOW. When I do that I am able to effectively squeeze 40 hours out of a 24 hour day. My formula for achieving more in less time is insane! And is just one of the many tools I share within my personal programs”.

Yemi is a living testament to the power of owning our story, stepping out of our shadow and finding our voice.

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