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Real Change ~ Exploring the foundation of lasting transformation and how to be the change you want to see in the world

October 07, 2020 When Women Speak
When Women Speak - Stories Worth Telling
Real Change ~ Exploring the foundation of lasting transformation and how to be the change you want to see in the world
Show Notes

Real Change ~ Into The Body starts 19 October! Space for 8 women ready to uncover the foundation of lasting transformation and from that understanding and embodiment, BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE!


Todays episode is a conversation about what was uncovered during the first Real Change deep dive earlier this year. Tia Ho and Ame-Lia Tamburrini share realisations on the psyche, the body, spirituality and the state of the world as they answer questions relating to Real Change.

Mentioned in the episode:
Adam Quiney ~ https://adamquiney.com/ep-123-introducing-another-series-along-the-spectrum/
Jenée Johnson ~ https://youtu.be/dq_-v9znmlY

Our two guests:

Tia H. Ho, PhD guides sensitive, transformation focused professionals toward realising their innate resilience and expanding their emotional support capacity so that fear isn’t making their decisions for them. Through integrating expertise in community health with sensory-based mindfulness, brain science and our connection to nature, Finding Mindful Now's courses and offers support participants in taking consistent action on self care so they can keep being the change they want to see.     

Website ~ www.findingmindfulnow.com
Current offers ~ https://findingmindfulnow.podia.com/
LinkedIn ~ https://www.linkedin.com/in/tiahho/

Ame-Lia Tamburrini is an engagement and dialogue specialist with degrees in kinesiology and epidemiology. Her passion in human health has grown from the physical body, to the environmental and social determinants of health, to the ways in which we interact and connect. Following many years of engaging with project proponents, government, Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities around the world and seeing the ever-increasing divide between people she became determined to change the ways in which we engage with each other. Her company, Hum Consulting was born out of that desire and aims to create more harmony, unity and momentum in our communities, one conversation at a time.

Ame-Lia is an advocate for the circle dialogue method for its ability to decrease power differentials, build interconnectedness and give everyone a voice. She delights in the idea of bringing that process to organisations and communities everywhere. Ame-Lia is grateful for all her life experiences that have given her the skills and desire to guide conversations that heal. Today she resides on the traditional territory of the Lkwungen peoples (Victoria, BC) and loves soaking up the beauty of this land.

Website ~ www.humconsulting.ca
LinkedIn ~ https://www.linkedin.com/in/ame-lia-tamburrini-47b3b935/
Women's Leadership Circle ~ https://humconsulting.lpages.co/womens-leadership-circle-waitlist/

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