When Women Speak - Stories Worth Telling

Energy, Cycles, Embodiment & Living a Soul led life, with guest Lian Brook-Tyler

August 19, 2020
When Women Speak - Stories Worth Telling
Energy, Cycles, Embodiment & Living a Soul led life, with guest Lian Brook-Tyler
Show Notes

Lian Brook-Tyler is our guest today. She is a creatrix, initiatrix and the co-founder of Primal Happiness. Her mythical journey began when she leapt from corporate leadership onto the path of spirituality, after she suddenly, and somewhat mysteriously, recovered from 15 years of chronic pain and anxiety.


That inexplicable transformation led her to immerse herself in discovering what creates struggle, and conversely, how to create a life overflowing with happiness, love, beauty and meaning.


In this episode we hear Lian share beautifully how she came to realise what we’re ALL made of. And the noticing of various patterns that play out in objective reality, perhaps indicating nothing is quite as random as it seems?

We focus a lot on the Feminine, and touch on various cycles and how these come together to create a map of the Heroines Journey. The article mentioned in the episode can be found here ~ https://bit.ly/3kXShRD

Lian shares examples of living as the embodiment of the divine Feminine and what it means to live in balance with the Masculine. These energies are not gender specific and all people have varying degrees of these energies and therefore creating balance within and knowing how to receive what you need is unique and not a one size or one path fits all.


You’ll also hear the latest offering from Primal Happiness called Waking The Wild Heart. Lian’s work is focused on leading men and women along the path of Waking The Wild… guiding them to reclaim their wildness and actualise their deepest gifts.


Lian lives in a 400-year-old, quintessentially English country cottage with her husband, two children, and an array of ginger rescue animals. She is living into the vision of creating a world of wild souls set free to be their unique magic.  

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