When Women Speak - Stories Worth Telling

What happens when you say no to fear? Conceptual/expressionist artist IJE shares her creative journey

July 06, 2020 Season 1 Episode 7
When Women Speak - Stories Worth Telling
What happens when you say no to fear? Conceptual/expressionist artist IJE shares her creative journey
Show Notes

In this episode we hear stories from IJE – pronounced eejay. A conceptual/expressionist artist with MA Fine Art from Birmingham School of Art.

The conversation points to nothing really stopping you even when fear has a compelling narrative of what you can and can't do.

The episode ends with some spoken word by Ije...


Sticks and stones never broke my bones, but names have always harmed me

So, I lived in fear, lived with the fear of my potential to be great

To blaze a swathe of light before me, around me, through time and space                   

I have mastered the litany of fear

I have closed my ears and soul to the sounds of other's judgement

Ever hopeful I now expose myself, my light and shade

I release my colours, I shout my name

Ije’s art seeks to reshape embodied notions, responding to encounters with time, space and change through making and documenting. Generating works activated through gesture, colour, texture, layering, repetition and reflectivity. Inspired predominantly by encounters in expansive spaces of mountain, moorland or coastal areas; increasingly Ije is also expressing her current manifestation as a woman of colour, as a Scottish / Nigerian healer.

• Paintings, photography and original prints 

• PFHOEMS - integrating painting, film, photography and poetry 

• Sculpture, installation, shaping spaces - chaining/knotting/weaving materials such as silicone, yarn, metal and textiles

Undertaking durational activity in the landscape, she wonders about what went before her and what may lie ahead; Wondering about singularities and multiples, about time, capacity for change and universal energy. 

Ije uses colour, memory, fabrications, words, feelings, documenting, repetition and gesture to create textured, vibrant paintings, written/spoken word and sculptures/installations. Ije engages in exhibiting and selling works, and takes commissions and runs individual/small group creative painting workshops. 

Since 2012 Ije has also run a business as a holistic practitioner working 1:1 using an eclectic range of therapeutic approaches – reflexology, massage, aromatherapy, energy work, crystal healing, Personal Effectiveness Coaching and mentoring. Ije uses experiences from life and her 20+ years career within the public sector with the latter 10 years at strategic / senior management (assistant director) level. Ije had responsibilities for commissioning services, operations (budgets £40M+), safeguarding adults, quality / performance, strategic leadership - public engagement, partnerships and public speaking, locally, regionally and nationally. Ije has a range of professional therapeutic and management qualifications and a curiosity to keep learning, developing and growing herself and others. 

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